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Native Advertising Platform Centered Towards Africa

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Be seen by customers while they're browsing the web. Advertise online with BeratyAds. Whether your goal is to bring in more website visitors, improve online sales, we've got you covered!

Self-Serve Advertising

Promote your business on Beraty! Create and target an ad easily using our new advertising system. Easily create an ad for your product or service. Add credit to your account by prepaying. Each time someone clicks your ad, the bid will be deducted from your BeratyAds account. Your ads will show across Beraty Network, on our partners websites and in locations where members are searching for and exploring products or services. Track your ad by using the ads stats in your account's dashboard. View custom stats for your ad to see views, clicks, and the number of people who check on your business. Watch as BeratyAds' virality helps your business grow via word of mouth and email marketing. Use the "Ad service" option to control how you want your ad to display across all platforms.

Pay $9.7 per month and participate in our Ad Network Engineering

The primary purpose of our service is to cater to those business owners who can't afford high cost of advertising rates with no returns on investment. We started the service with no intention of increasing our advert rates now or in the future because this is an integral part of our policy.

We use a web friendly Widget to display your ads. This makes it easy for lots of websites owners to have it embedded on their sites and it works just fine with any website.

With our services, you can create an ad, update it to any type of ad you want within the same month while your current ad is still active in our database.

Get your products and services advertised on Beraty and take the advantage of our low cost advertising rates. Pay a token of $9.7 and your ad will feature not only on Beraty Network but also on other partner websites that you are thinking of.

Giving Local Businesses A Voice

Native Advertising Platform Centered Towards Africa. Elevating local businesses across Africa. Enabling them to be seen by customers/clients at a low-cost rate and survive in the market.

BeratyAds helps to provide the needed exposure for your business. We have come up with an algorithm that shares the type of business you do online with our ad campaign widget. The widget has been installed on so many websites today - what this means is that if you buy our ad campaign, your business will be advertised automatically on our partners websites for a token of ₦3,500 or $9.7 per month. Our service is already working online. Just try it and see for yourself. Our company's logo explains the most powerful feature of our business (that's our future driving engine). The reason for the logo is that it points your advert to the sky for every living being to see. The primary purpose of the business is that many individual and locally based businesses are not earning enough exposure in the business market. Therefore, such business will struggle to survive the competition. At the end of the day, majority of them have crumbled and shut down. 97.3% of them die at their early stages. The reports from our data studies since 2013. Even businesses with great idea will still struggle without exposure. What we are doing is, we are not asking too much, we help to create the possibility that even a startup business can afford advertising easily, in order to give their business a lift. Another problem the local businesses have is that it is only a few of them that know how to use their bank cards to pay for a service online. So, since we do our business online, we are also accepting bank payment, plus alternative payment methods to encourage the process by not only restricting business owners to only using MasterCard, VerveCard, VisaCard, etc. all the time, so that it won't discourage the novice from participating in advertising because it is frustrating. This is something other advertising networks like Google do not create an enabling environment for. That is another reason that compelled us to come in. We're focusing heavily on local businesses across Africa for now. The big companies can't be controlling the market every time. This has to stop. We have dug deep to bring you the solution you have longed for. So I urge you to support and encourage us to do more. Our team will never let you down.

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Find out more about our Ad Services here and how they can help you to boost traffic and make your website profitable!

Your website or landing page’s success needs exposure to lots of people in order to achieve its full profitable potentia and our ads deliver high-quality visitors in thousands from the Beraty Foundation Community Network.

As a bonus, when you purchase Beraty Ads with an Adshare Pack, you are also automatically added to our revenue-sharing program! This program gives you a passive income share every hour.

Put your website traffic in the fast lane with a paid membership that quadruples your traffic exchange credits, giving you massive, free exposure in a fraction of the time. But that’s not all. Join today and you also get all the following:

Enjoy 20% discounts on all advertising packages and early access to new features in the future

In addition to this, you can also advertise the following every month as a part of your subscription:

Sign up today to start making money and enjoying massive exposure on your website for just $9.7 / ₦3,500 a month!

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